Your Laptop Not Charging? Fix it with These Simple Tips!

Knowing what to do when a laptop is not charging can be handy when it happens. Sometimes, problems occur with parts of our gadgets, and the laptop’s battery charging process is not an exception to this rule. If your computer is not set correctly, it is high time for you to check what happened. There are multiple reasons why a laptop won’t charge even though you have plugged it in. One prominent reason might lie in the battery, as each battery has its lifespan to worry about, and if you are reckless, your battery might be drained out of its juice faster than you think. If you encounter this problem, you better get to the heart of the situation using some methods.

What You Should Do When Your Laptop is Not Charging

It might be easy to recharge a laptop’s battery. All you need to do is plug it in, which will do all the work for you. However, it is not necessarily easy to do that sometimes because some parts and steps could fail between the power outlet and the battery. Several functions can easily be fixed by yourself by purchasing a new battery or tweaking its software. However, some problems might require you to bring your laptop to a repair shop for a complete or partial system replacement. Knowing which step needs to be taken to troubleshoot your computer can save you a lot of time and money. The best way to troubleshoot a laptop is to pinpoint the exact cause first and then work out a solution to solve the problem.

First and foremost, you should try to double-check whether you have plugged in your laptop or not. This might sound silly, but it is essential to do this before you freaked out. Sometimes, you don’t even need a complicated tweak or repair to solve a laptop not charging, and the problem lies in the fact that it was not plugged in correctly. So before you take any other method, you might need to check the laptop power plug and the power outlet to ensure that it is plugged in securely. Also, ensure that your laptop’s battery is inserted fully.

Because sometimes, the battery is loose, which can affect the power distribution. Last but not least, find out whether there’s a problem with the laptop or not. Try plugging it into another power outlet, and if it is still not working, there is a high chance that your computer has a blown or a short fuse. Now that you have narrowed down what kind of problem your laptop might experience, you can proceed to find solutions.

Ways to Troubleshoot Laptop Not Charging

You can try removing the battery and just plugging the laptop directly. If this works, the cause of the problem is likely a bummed battery, which you can fix by buying a new one. On the other hand, if the power cord problem, you might also need to buy a new one or maybe try to salvage it by bringing it to the repair shop. If problems with the power outlet are the culprit, you can try charging your laptop to another outlet. Replacing the battery driver, cooling the overheated hardware, checking the plug connector, and swapping out the battery and the cord might also be solutions that work in dealing with a non-charging laptop. Still, if the problem persists and you have done all you could to tweak it, the root is likely internal, and you might need to bring it to the repair shop.


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