How to Solve Laptop Plugged in Not Charging in Easy Ways

Have you found the text “laptop plugged in not charging” in your laptop? How do you feel when finding it? Some people might be so panic and think that their laptop was damaged. They also went to a service centre to get the repair. But if the condition happens to you, please don’t panic anymore. Sometimes you just need to calm down and search for many tips to solve this problem. Here is the information for you about how to solve the laptop plugged in not charging.

Why Can’t Laptop be Charged?

Some causes make a laptop can’t be charged. Before you know the tips to solve a laptop plugged in and not charging, you are better to understand the causes of it to know the correct information to solve the problem. These are some causes that make laptops can’t be charged:

  • Overcharging. It happens when you trust your Laptop continually when the battery is in full mode.
  • Charging the Laptop when there are remaining batteries. It makes the charger work hard. For example, when you set the Laptop to 50 % battery, you charge it from 1%. Sometimes the condition causes the charger or your Laptop’s system to become damaged.
  • Using a laptop during charging. It uses two energy and causes your computer to release the heat. When the heat is released continually, it causes your Laptop’s system to be damaged or disrupted.

Steps to Solve Laptop Plugged in not Charging

After knowing the causes of this problem, you can avoid the reasons above in the future. Then, if you experience the situation now, you can follow the tips below:

  • The simple method is restarting your Laptop. Shut down your Laptop, and open the adapter and the battery. Set it again to the first set, and try to use an adapter. Check whether your Laptop can be charged or not.
  • The second step you can do is check the battery of your Laptop. You can open it to know whether there is dirt on it. You can clean it and set the battery in the correct position if you find it. It would be best if you also remembered when you got the Laptop. If you got it long ago, your battery might be lower than the first time you got it. So, you can buy the new one.
  • The third step you can do is check the adaptor. It would be best if you used the adaptor from the same company where your Laptop is produced. You should also check whether there is damage to the adaptor or not. If you found the damage, you can buy the new one to make your Laptop can be charged again.


  • The last step you can do is reinstalling your driver. Open Device Manager, and click the “Batteries” tab. Search for battery entry, and then enter “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery“. Uninstall your driver, right click and press uninstall. Check the changes to it. Open the action tab and press “Scan for hardware changes”. Reinstall your driver, and then the process will detect the battery automatically and reinstall the driver.

Those are some information for you about solving laptop plugged in not charging. You can follow the tips above to solve your problem. Following the directions above, you can solve the computer plugged in, not charging and then enjoy your time using your laptop.

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