Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here’s the Simple Steps to Fix Them

The laptop keyboard not working will be the most annoying problem for you. It will take your time to work with. For your information, this problem can be fixed by yourself. There are some steps you can try at home. Then, many professionals select Dell laptops that are not working by replacing the entire keyboard parts. They only need minutes to know and identify what’s happening with their keyboards.

Besides that, if you still have a Dell warranty, you can bring it to customer support of Dell. So, they can help you to fix it for free. Then, how to fix the Dell keyboard problem at home? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss them. Let’s check the reading below and find your best reference here.

Fixing Dell laptop keyboard not working- Steps part 1

One of the common problems with 

The Dell keyboard is a loose key. How to fix it? First of all, you can turn off your laptop. Then, you have to unplug it well. For your information, repairing the laptop’s keyboard is not harmful to you. But, it will be better for you to take such precautions before repairing it at home.

This is the second way you can use to repair the loose key. You can continue restoring by removing the key cap of your laptop. Most loose keys can be removed easily. You only need to wig them gently to unhook the keyboard. Or, you can repair it by levering the key cap on the corner side using the screwdriver with a flat head.

The third way for you to fix the loose key is by checking the attachment point on it. All the keycaps have the base part. There will be four attachments you can find on this part. You can find them on the keyboard below where the key clips are. You can check them closely to see the broken attachment. After that, you can continue checking them until everything is well done. If you cannot find them, you can take a screwdriver by levering out their corner side. Then, you can compare them to each other.

Fixing Dell laptop keyboard not working- Steps part 2

Now, you will continue repairing by replacing the broken keycap. Sometimes, there are some attachment points broken on your keyboard. How to fix it? Of course, you will need the new key. How to get it? Well, you can purchase them online. Then, you have to ensure they can match your laptop type or model. Then, you have also to check their location.

How to replace the new key? You can hook one of the critical attachment points. Then, you can easily rub your finger on the key. You can do it until two loud snaps appear. Meanwhile, you can remove the exact key size to find the alternative step. Then, you can place them in the correct position. Finally, those are some steps to fix the Dell laptop keyboard not working.


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